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Top 30 Summer Flowering Plants

Flowers are one of the most beautiful creations of God that can effortlessly grab the attention of the people around them. They are the amazing constituent of Mother Nature that brings cheerfulness, happiness, and positivity to the lives of people. Every season comes with their signature flowers. Crossing spring, when the weather is slowly changing to summer, aren’t you all excited to know about the best flowers to grow during the summer season. To answer this question, here is a list of top 30 summer flowering plants that you can bring home or gift to your near and dear ones.


1. Lilies:

The elegant lilies can effortlessly survive in extreme weather conditions. The flower has a unique way of preventing the loss of excess moisture by letting its leaves dry up while keeping the main bulb of the flower alive.

2. Blanket Flower:

Blanket flower or the gaillardia is a perennial flower that can grow easily in drought and hot regions consisting of poor soil. It comes in red, gold or brown color with a width of 3-inch and has a short life span.

3. Gloriosa Daisy:

The flower is commonly called Black Eyed Susan consisting of yellow to orange petals with a deep brown to black center. Gloriosa Daisy thrives well in hot climates and grows up to a height of 3.5 feet.

4. Musk Rose:

It can be easily found in India with a blooming season in May. The flower changes its color from purple-brown to dark red at the time of full bloom with exceptional fragrance and appearance.

5. Marigold:

They are meant to add color and fragrance to any garden. With colors ranging from light yellow to golden brown, it has found its use in religious and medicinal areas. The extract from the flower is also used as a food coloring agent and also helps in keeping the pests away.

6. Veronica:

With a spike of 7 inches, these flowers bloom over the 12 to 24-inch plants with flower colors in the red or blue hues. The flowering plant prefers the sun in the Northern hemisphere but likes a bit of shade in the Southern hemisphere regions.


7. Roses:

This is a flower that is known to boost love and romance among people. And it is easily available in the summer season. With a little care and attention, the flowers can keep blooming throughout the season.

8. Bougainvillea:

It is an ornamental vine that can cover the entire fence, pavement and other nearby areas of your home. Bougainvillea is a native of Brazil and blooms well in summer climate. It grows rapidly but you need to be aware of its sharp thorns that need to be handled with care.

9. Dahlia:

There are multiple varieties of dahlias that arrive in multiple colors and sizes. The flower consists of symmetrical bright colored petals that grow with different types of nutritional requirements.

10. Sunflower:

With the ability to bear extreme summer temperatures, it can easily sprawl along your garden. You need to stop overwatering the plant as it can weaken the support of plant from the soil.

11. Coreopsis:

The specialty of this flower is that it can effortlessly grow in warm climates and without much care from the person involved in the gardening activities.

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