Primis In Faucibus

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Primis In Faucibus

1 x R65.00


Primis In Faucibus

1 x R65.00

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Plants Rental services

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Service Type Plant Renting to Restaurants, Workplace/Corporate Houses, Shopping Centers Coverage Area >10000 Square Feet Type Of Design Site Planning Landscape Material Grass Property Location Delhi Garden Theme Green Type Of Property Home/Residence, Industrial, Business/Commercial, Hotel Pots & Plants we believe in offering a limited number of services, but providing these services in a professional, safe and cost effective manner. We do not buy into the train of thought that a ‘Jack of all trades’ can offer an exemplary service on a regular basis.Our core business is simple – we offer maintenance and rental/maintenance of live specimen plants and containers to suit your requirements. We do this in a professional manner from design, to proposal, to quotation and installation along with continued maintenance to keep these specimens in prime condition.


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