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Pots & Plants


Answers to Your Questions

Is it safe to order a live plant online?

Absolutely! You do not have to worry about this.
There are two important reasons behind this…
1 . Our Amazing Packaging:
We use professionally designed packages to deliver our crops.
It is a two-layer, reusable air-conditioned package that keeps safe and fresh.
2 . Our Amazing Courier Services:
We use the best courier services in the world to ensure that your precious plants are delivered as quickly and safely as possible.

Are these glass or earthenware vessels very fragile when they break on the road?

We have some special glass vase arrangements in our pockets.
These garments are multi-layered and well protected from any possible damage to the vehicle.

What if my plant dies in transit?

Although this is very unlikely to happen as we ship hundreds of plants daily across the country.
But in the event of this please contact our customer care service and we will replace the new plant no later than one week from receipt date.

I have no experience with any kind of plants. How could I take care of them?

The beauty of the Pots and Plants variety.
You don't have to be an expert to own these beautiful plants.
Just follow the instructions for caring for your plant.
If you want to get to know your plant better, we recommend that you read our Plant Care section.

Is it fit inside or out? Can I keep it in my living room or in my room?

Yes, it is a houseplant and can be kept anywhere in the house.
Although it is a hardy plant and can survive in dark rooms, keeping it in a place with indirect sunlight will give the best results.

Can I customise the product?

You can simply email us at info@pots-plants.com or call us at +91 8700114456, and your order will be placed as per your choice.
Please mention preferable size, color and other details.

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