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How To Take Care Of Spiral Lucky Bamboo Plant

How To Take Care Of Spiral Lucky Bamboo Plant


The best way to create a natural environment at your place is with indoor plants especially spiral lucky bamboo plants.

People often use the spiral lucky bamboo plant to decorate their homes/offices. It comes in various shapes. Most commonly people plant two-layer, three-layer, and seven-layer spiral bamboos in their homes/offices.

Spiral lucky is not a real bamboo. It just looks like bamboo. It is more used as an indoor plant than in fields. It requires indirect sunlight to grow. The soil must be moist and water- chlorine-free. Every week, the water of the plant must be changed.

How To Train A Bamboo Stalk To Be Spiral?

For decoration and style purposes some people like to have spiral bamboo plants in their houses. There is also a trick to change a normal lucky bamboo plant into a spiral lucky bamboo plant.

Follow The Procedure Below: –

Train your Lucky Bamboo Plant

The spiral look of the bamboo plant gives it an aesthetic look. You can put it into a vase with water and some pebbles in it to give a complete look. The tops of the bamboo plant grow in the direction of the light.
You can use a copper wire to create a pattern on a lucky bamboo plant. You just have to wrap the copper wire around the lucky bamboo plant in your desired shape.

Then you need to place the spiraled lucky bamboo plant near the window. So that your plant would get sunlight.
Make sure that excessive sunlight is bad for your plants’ growth. Then, from time to time rotate the plant a little bit. So that every curve could get enough light to bend.
This process requires lots of time and patience. But the results will never put you down.
If you don’t want to put so much effort, you can directly buy spiral lucky bamboo sticks online.

Unhealthy Lucky Bamboo Plant
You can check if it is healthy or not. If the root of the plant is brown, the water smells a lot and the leaves of the plants are either Yellow or brown then that plant is not healthy.

How To Care For A Spiral Lucky Bamboo Plant?

Spiral lucky bamboo plants are indoor plants that’s why they need little care and maintenance. But there are few things to take into consideration while taking care for this plant.

Harmful for animals
Spiral lucky bamboo plants are beneficial for you but it can harm animals. Especially if you have a dog or cat, this plant can be toxic for them. So make sure that your plant is kept away from the reach of your pet.

With time some of the leaves may get dry or become yellow so remove them. It may outgrow in a container. So, you need to change the container in that case.

Light Conditions
The spiral lucky bamboo plant needs a low level of light as it cannot handle direct sunlight so it would be best if you place your bamboo plant near the window or in the balcony with other plants.
Remember to rotate the plant once in a while so that the plant gets will get exposure to Sunlight from all sides.

The water would act as a nutritious source to spiral lucky bamboo plants so it is necessary to provide filtered water to the plant as tap water would harm the plant because of the high chlorine level.
Some people change the water from the plant some people like to change the water every day for 4 to 6 weeks.
The best way to water the plant would be if the water stinks, then it must be changed.

Pot size
There are various containers and types of plants people used to put their parallel lucky plants. You can use a plastic multi-color plant pot. As they are lightweight and use less water. The plastic material gives it a long shelf life.

If you are using a glass vase or any dip bowl, make sure that there is 1 inch of space left for the roots to grow.

You can put 3 inches of water in the pot or glass vase so that your plant would not die.

The growth cycle of bamboo plants depends on using the right fertilizer at right time. The best time to fertilize the bamboo plant is when it shows fruition.
First, the bamboo plant grows in summers and then in spring.
You can use lucky bamboo plant fertilizer for better results. It is a hydroponic fertilizer for the faster growth of the plant.
Just add a few drops in the pouring water and pour it into the plant. (5 to 10 drops for 100-250ml pot, 10 to 20 drops for 500ml to 1-liter pot) It is an Eco- Friendly product so you don’t need to worry about any chemicals in fertilizers.
The only caution is to put it in an air-tight container in a cool and dry place. It is best for six months from the date of packing.

Just like humans, Plants also need grooming. It is done by trimming the unnecessary part of the plant. Also, after trimming, the plants would absorb nutrients from the soil, water, and sunlight well.
The bonsai scissors are best to trim spiral lucky bamboo sticks. This scissor is made of stainless steel with a plastic handle. It comes in a tiny size which makes it quite handy.

The placement of the spiral lucky bamboo is as important as other things.

  • The southeast direction is considered best to keep the spiral lucky bamboo plant. As it will attract wealth. If you are facing financial difficulties then, this direction is best for you.
  • You can place the bamboo plant at the center of the dining table. This will attract positive energy and abundance in your life.
  • You can also place your bamboo plant in the bedroom as well. As it will add eye-soothing greenery into your room.
  • It can be placed at the entrance of your house entrance. This will bring good vibes, growth, and harmony to your family.

Why Spiral Lucky Bamboo Plants Are Lucky?

Spiral lucky bamboo/dancing sticks bring luck in life. Bamboo plants bring auspiciousness to one’s life. According to Chinese traditions number of stalks has a different significance.

  • Two stalks symbolize love and luck.
  • Three stalks symbolize happiness, longevity, and wealth
  • Five stalks symbolize physical, mental, emotional, intuitive, and spiritual health.
  • Six stalks bring prosperity. In the Chinese language, six sounds like luck.
  • Seven stalks represent good health.
  • Eight Stalks represent growth/ fertility.
  • Nine symbolizes luck
  • Ten stalks mean bestowing good wishes to the sender.
  • Twenty-One stalks are given as a powerful blessing for wealth.

Why Spiral Lucky Bamboo Plants Are Unlucky?

Four stalks are never given as a gift to anyone. According to the Chinese language, the word four sounds similar to death. Giving this means gifting a death wish.

Why Spiral Lucky Bamboo Sticks Are Tied Together?

Spiral lucky bamboo sticks are tied together to bring fortune and prosperity in life. The more sticks you add, the more meaning it adds. People often choose the number of stalks according to their needs, wishes, and goals.
For example, if you want balance and happiness in your relationship then you can tie two stalks of spiral bamboo sticks.
The spiral bamboo stalks are often tied with golden and red ribbons. So that the bamboo stalks would get enough stability.

Why Do Spiral Lucky Bamboo Plants Turn Yellow?

Many reasons can lead to yellow leaves of the spiral bamboo lucky plant.

Bad weather – Extreme weather is bad for the plant. This plant is sensitive. The harsh rays of the sunlight can make the plant dry. Because of this, the plants’ leaves can turn either yellow or brown.
Extreme cold and windy weather are also not good for the plant. As the plant leaves can die.

Pro tip– You can put the spiral lucky plant near the open window. This will save it from harsh weather.

Fewer nutrients in the soil– The soil is a portion of food for the plant. If soil does not give proper nutrients, then the plants’ leaves can turn yellow.

Water– If you don’t change the water frequently, if you use tap water which is extremely salty and high in chlorine then this will result in yellow leaves.

Lack of Fertilizers– The fertilizers are necessary to maintain the richness of the soil. If you don’t use the right fertilizers for your plant, then it can also lead to yellow leaves.

The spiral lucky bamboo plant is a perfect gift that you can give yourself and your loved ones. You can also gift this plant to new wedding couples, new house owners, and for corporate gifting.
This plant will only bring positivity wherever you keep it. At last, the spiral lucky bamboo stick is an eco-friendly décor product that will create an elegant and fresh look in your home/office.

Frequently Asked Questions.

What Are The Benefits Of A Spiral Lucky Bamboo Plant?

Bamboo plants are also called water lily-type plants.

  1. It brings positivity, fortune, and prosperity wherever kept.
  2. It acts as a natural air purifier.
  3. If it is placed in the east direction, it will bring good health to the family. If it is placed in the southeast direction, it will attract money and wealth.
  4. It requires little maintenance, light sunlight, filtered water, and a good fertilizer.
  5. It has nutritious element properties like amino acids, fiber, magnesium, iron, etc.
  6. It is an eco-friendly plant that can be used for home office/décor.

Why Spiral Lucky Bamboo Stalk/ Stem Is Turning White?

The spiral lucky bamboo stem is quite delicate in comparison to other plant stems. It requires good care to grow. If your plant got in touch with bad weather, poor soil, adulterated water, then there are chances the stem will turn white.

What Are The Common Shapes Of The Spiral Lucky Bamboo Plant?

Two-layer – lucky bamboo plant
This plant needs little exposure to the sun. Most often it is kept in a glass vase with water and pebbles. But it can also be potted in the soil.

Three-layer lucky bamboo plant
This is commonly found in Indian households. It requires little maintenance. It can also handle harsh weather conditions very well.

Seven-layer lucky bamboo plant
You can use this plant as a gift to your family. It can grow easily. It can bring good luck and serenity to your homes/offices. Use filtered water and change the water once a week. So that the roots won’t decay.

How To Keep Your Spiral Lucky Bamboo Plant Diseases And Pests Free?

The spiral lucky bamboo gets affected by mealybugs and fungal infections. Mealybugs are small white insects that create a grey fuzz over the bamboo plant. You can use neem oil and rubbing alcohol to remove the fungus.

If you see brown spots in the spiral bamboo plant, it means that your plant has absorbed too much chlorine water and excessive sunlight. You can sprinkle the leaves with water to keep them moist. Change the water once in a while. Filtered water is highly recommended.

According to Vaastu Shastra, the spiral lucky bamboo leaves must be green. Then only the plant is auspicious. So, yellow leaves mean the plant is ill. So, remove yellow leaves whenever you find them. 

Sometimes, spiders make a web over the bamboo plant and leave black/ brown spots. If this happens, rinse the bamboo plant with cold water. You can spray soap water and use neem oil to treat the affected area of the bamboo plant.

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