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Bonsai Steel Garden Scissor/Cutter

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Grooming is essential for appearance. Just like humans, Plants also need grooming. It is done by trimming the unnecessary part of the plant. Also, after trimming the plants would absorb nutrients from the soil, water, and sunlight well. For this purpose, it is crucial to choose the right scissors-like bonsai scissors.

With age, plants become dry and fruits excessively at one stem. Excess growth will lower the height of the plant. To remove this Bonsai stainless Steel scissor is best. It is tiny in size that’s why quite handy. If you have flower plants, then this scissor is best for trimming. You can also trim herbs with this scissor. This scissor is made of metal construction which makes it long-lasting. It has plastic handles for a comfort grip. This will reduce stress from your hand. Though this is not suitable to cut twigs.

  • Type- Stainless steel scissors.
  • Size- tiny which makes it quite handy.
  • Best for trimming flower plants and herbs.
  • Durable- blades are made of metal.
  • Comfort- plastic handle for comfort grip.
  • Caution- Don’t use to cut twigs.


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