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Pots and Plants Air purify/Cleaner Sansevieria Superba /Snake Plant Indoor (Size: Large ,Fiber Pot)

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Plant or Animal Product TypeTrees
BrandPot’s & Plant’s
TypeFiber Pot
Expected Blooming PeriodNo Blossoms
Sunlight ExposurePartial Sun
Expected Planting PeriodAll
Product Care InstructionsAvoid over watering, Place at Door Temp.
USDA Hardiness Zone1
Expected Plant Height1 Feet
Soil TypePotting Mix


About this item

  • ABOUT SNAKE PLANT : Sansevieria, Mother-in-Law’s tongue and Bowstring-hemp- you may know it by different name. Snake Plant is an excellent choice for indoor houseplants specially for apartments with low-light conditions. Its a Hard to Kill but Easy to Grow plant.
  • TOP AIR PURIFYING ABILITY : Sansevieria or Snake plant absorbs toxins and releases oxygen. If placed indoors- bedroom, living-room, etc It can helps to clean and filter air. Hence, it is considered popular air purifying indoor plant.
  • NASA APPROVED : Studies performed by NASA have shown that snake plant helps in removing toxins such as formaldehyde, xylene, toluene, and nitrogen oxides. Basically, its a friend to anyone living near polluted areas, industries and work-spaces.
  • IDEAL BEDROOM PLANT : Of all the top oxygen plants that clean & filter air, snake plant takes lead as it converts CO2 (carbon-dioxide) to O2 (oxygen) at night, making it ideal to have several in your Bedroom, living room, Study room.
  • COLOR : Natural color of plant foliage & white pot || MATERIAL : Live & Natural Snake Plant in Fiber-plastic pot || SIZE : plant can grown between 5 – 8 inches in height & pot is 4 inch high & 4.5 inches wide


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