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Pots & Plants

POTS and Plants Combo of 5 Bonsai Tree’s, Indoor Ficus Ginseng Microcarpa Root and Grafted Ornamental /Air Purifier Plants,4.5+Years Old (30-40cm),Best Gifting Combo of Plant Lovers

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Plant or Animal Product TypeBonsai
Indoor/Outdoor UsageOutdoor
Material FeatureOrganic
Special FeatureAir Purification
Expected Blooming PeriodNever
Item Weight2 Kilograms
Sunlight ExposureFull Sun
Net Quantity5 count
Expected Planting PeriodSpring


  • Stress reliever: People grow bonsai plants in their homes, as they are a great stress reliever. You will also find these plants in office desks in various business houses. Bonsai plants can give you a relax feeling. It is for this reason that many people grow bonsai plants as a hobby.
  • Purifier: One of the prime reasons for growing bonsai plants in your home or office is that, it purifies the air. When you grow bonsai plants in your home or office, the surroundings remain purified.
  • Health benefits: Bonsai plants help in maintaining a good health. It helps to cure coughs, fatigue, sore throats, and tiredness. Apart from that, bonsai has some psychological benefits and they will help you to remove your mental stress.
  • Cultivates patience: Bonsai plants need proper care, water, fertilizing and trimming to stay healthy. This indicates that you need to be physically active. Evidently, people who grow them get the opportunity to grow their patience and work hard. It benefits them in the practical realms of life.


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