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Spiral Lucky Bamboo / Dancing Sticks 4 Stalks Of 60cm

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  • Product: Stalks (1 Bundle) with FREE 1 Year Bamboo Fertilizer worth Rs.450 to Grown and Make more Healthier the Plants
  • Quality: Premium quality Spiral Lucky Bamboo sticks (Grade-A+)
  • Gifting: Symbolizes good fortune and luck and Best Gifting option
  • Fertilization/Food: We use degradable products that don’t harm the environment
  • Care: Caring Instructions Card/Literature with 6 Months Plant Doctor on Call Support
  • Support: Dedicated Customer Care and Fastest Delivery Services to avoid any Damage
  • Packing: Corogration box with plant protection quality (Nature friendly /recycled materials)
  • Company: Plants are coming from Plant Loving community


Spiral Lucky Bamboos are a symbol of prosperity. The color green of the Plant brings smoothness, freshness, and progress to one’s life. A perfect gift for your loved ones. It can be gifted for several occasions like anniversaries, birthdays, and housewarmings. As a symbol of happiness, it is placed in homes and offices as well. According to Fen Shui, the spiral lucky bamboo removes negative energy with positive. Now a -days living in the city has been disturbed because of air pollution. This bamboo plant is eco-friendly, a little contribution from you to society.

  • Symbolize- Prosperity
  • Feng Shui Element- removes negative energy wherever placed.
  • Eco-friendly present- best gift for your loved ones.
  • Purifies air.
  • Type- Indoor Plant.
  • Placement- Indoors with no direct sun exposure.
  • Water- Every 2 to 3 days with filtered water.
  • Soil- need moist soil to absorb nutrients.
  • Caution- Tap water and excessive sunlight are harmful.
  • Brings smoothness, freshness, and progress to one’s life.


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