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Spiral Lucky Bamboo / Dancing Sticks

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As the name suggests, spiral lucky bamboo/dancing sticks bring luck in life. Bamboo plants bring auspiciousness to one’s life. According to Chinese traditions number of stalks has a different significance.

  • Two stalks symbolize love and luck.
  • Three stalks symbolize happiness, longevity, and wealth
  • Four stalks are never given. According to the Chinese language, the word four sounds similar to death. Giving this means gifting a death wish.
  • Five stalks symbolize physical, mental, emotional, intuitive, and spiritual health.
  • Six stalks bring prosperity. In the Chinese language, six sounds like luck.
  • Seven stalks represent good health.
  • Eight Stalks represent growth/ fertility.
  • Nine symbolize luck
  • Ten stalks mean bestowing good wishes to the sender.
  • Twenty-One stalks are given as a powerful blessing for wealth.


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