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Vermiculite -High Quality Agricultural Gold

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Vermiculite is a natural mineral. It is found in the form of shaky flakes and looks like mica. It must be heated at high- temperature, as a process of exfoliation. Then only it can be used as a plant fertilizer. It benefits the plants in early germination. The plants will survive more in dry seasons. Because it provides moisture to the plants. It also provides oxygen to the plants. From an irrigation point of view, it is cost-effective. As the plants would need less water, which results in less energy, water, and labor cost.

  • Eco-friendly- The plants will grow better by using Eco- friendly Vermiculite.
  • Water retention properties- It holds moisture in the roots of the plant and saves it from getting dry.
  • Ph balance- It balances the PH level of the plant.
  • Usage- Can be used alone and with soil to fertilize the plants.
  • Storage- It must be kept in a cool and dry place.
  • Caution- Keep it away from children.
  • Warning- Consult a physician if swallowed.


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